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  Kitchen of Our Dreams
"The entire staff at INNOVATIVE KITCHEN & BATH, was both helpful in the selection process and in the construction of the kitchen. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship during the construction was exceptional."

By Gene & Lynnette Emerick

Took care of all concerns efficiently. Great Experience! We were able to get everything we wanted to make our kitchen more efficient. Storage space has improved greatly.

By Steve & Maryann Komazec

We started the process of remodeling our kitchen in late 2007 or early 2008. We met with a designer and really liked the ideas and design. Due to some family emergencies, we were unable to continue the process until the summer of 2008. The designer remembered us and still had our design. We were able to complete our selection in two easy visits. The wait for our cabinets was only about three weeks. When we were ready for them to be installed, they came and completed the job in a week. Everything was done to our satisfaction with no hassle.

By Rosemary Castine

Better Design
My “old 70’s bathroom” was in need of a make-over. I had a bid 1 year ago—not much design flexibility offered. I called IBC and met with a designer and the installation manager. I received a much better design that I was able to alter. The tear our was intense but the rebuilding was great to watch. I could not believe the changes that were made. Now I have a bathroom that looks traditional yet unique. I am pleased that I had the project done. I can’t believe I waited so long to have the bathroom remodeled.

By Eric Walt

Fantastic Job
I went to the Pittsburgh Home Show hoping to find a company that would work within my budget for my kitchen. I met with a designer and the person was very encouraging that my kitchen could be done for around $15,000. I met with the designer and the contractor at my house a few weeks after the home show. A week later they had the design and it was in my budget. This included the floor, cabinets, lighting, and appliances. It was great. We picked out the cabinets and all things needed. About one month later, the workmen completed the project, about 90% in one week. The counter was installed 2 weeks later. All in all, I have no regrets. IKB did a fantastic job. I’m lucky I went to the home show that day.

By Jeremy Mayernik

Spacious Workspace
I never thought our kitchen would be more than adequate, but our designer came up with a design that was not only extremely functional, but absolutely beautiful.We went from cramped quarters to a spacious workspace. We couldn’t be happier.

By Julie Hoke

I could not be more pleased with my project. From the time the project started to the very finish, everyone was very thorough and professional. I definitely knew I had made the right choice-IKB. I am so glad your company was there for me—assisting me in the right decisions. There is an old saying "You only get what you pay for!" and I received perfection. Thank-you IKB, I would recommend you to everyone who wants a home project done right.

By Rose Rigoni

Attention to Detail
My experience with my designer was extremely pleasurable. She was very professional and knowledgeable about products and concepts in the industry. The attention to detail allowed my project to come together efficiently. Thanks to everybody at IKB for their support.

By Patty Barnyak

Patient Designers
"We desperately needed a new kitchen. Several places had been recommended to us. We initially went to three places. None of those three returned our calls. We went to a 4th place and they did call us. We met with the man and gave him our plans. We told him the cabinets we wanted and the counter top we wanted. However, he did not design the kitchen as we requested. Also, he did not price the cabinets in the style we requested. We were incredulous! My husband saw the ad for IKB, your company, so we called. He told our designer that she would get the job if she wanted it, but she had to call us back in a timely manner. He also requested she design the kitchen according to our wishes. She called us back with a design and a price quote. Over the next few months, we decided on cabinet styles, wood finishes, hardware and counter tops. We changed our mind over the course of time, but our designer stayed very patient with us. She guided us through the process and led us in the right direction. Our kitchen layout is efficient, our cabinets are beautiful, and everything was finished promptly. We are very happy with our new kitchen."

By Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dominick

The Winning Team
The plan was to get three estimates for a bathroom remodeling project. The first company never called, the second one called after I had met with IKB. IKB was different. They said what they were going to do and did it. I would definitely recommend them to anyone planning to remodel a bathroom. The fact that the material and workmanship was guaranteed showed the company’s level of confidence in itself. IKB reminded me of a disciplined team working together to win the game. In my home they scored a touchdown.

By Sharon Rosendale